If you’re reading this, there is a 99.9% chance your face is chubby. Although there are bundles of internet tips on how to slim down your face, most include daily facial exercise routines, diets and make-up hacks. This particular post, comes from a deep research of mine, done after a harsh break-up. You see, what in women´s appearance change after her heart has been torn apart by her significant other?

Her Hair.


I have gone blonde, brunette (again and again), I’ve cut it all off, curled it up; you name it, I’ve done it. Because at this point I was actually a bit overweight, I knew that cutting it all off would have been a mistake (I would have exposed my double chin shamelessly). So, because I DID NEED A CHANGE, I discovered the best hairstyles for round chunky faces. These hairstyles will create a slimming illusion, shaping your gorgeous face, no matter your weight.



If you want to frame your face, mixed layers are the answer for you. The texturized effect of the many length layers will take the focus away from your face and it’s amazing for any type of hair.

Side P1arting

In order to avoid drawing attention to your cheeks, part your hair sideways in order to create a mysterious illusion of a slimmer face. This hairdo is great for round faces.


Sweeping Bangs

Straight bangs are not recommended for round faces, nevertheless, if you really are digging the bang look, you can opt for the sweeping bangs. They end up resting on your cheeks and drawing attention to your eyes.

Long Layers

Long hair is the best option if you have a round complexion. Long hair in Long layers, will enlarge your neck and slender down your cheeks.3


Face-Framing Layers

Layers that cut around your face, give you an elongated look. If they fall below your chin, will bring your jawline down and make your face look thinner.

Side Braid5

If you let down your front locks loose, and braid your long hair sideways, you will open up your face and this is one particular do that will not fail in slimming you down, no matter how puffy your cheeks may be.


Messy Ponytail

This is by far my favorite slimming hairdo. A high ponytail gives exceptional definition to round faces. If you’re on the go, a messy ponytail will add volume and height which will underplay the roundness of your face.6