beauty secrets

1. Perfect Curls

wavy hair











Have you ever wondered how those girls on pageants just own the most perfect curls at any time of the day? Well, they actually own their little secrets to be able to rock those curls! The easiest way to get those curls and volume is to apply rollers into her the night before you go to bed. Yes, it might sound a little uncomfortable, but girl, beauty is sacrifice and if you need those rocking curls, get those rollers up there before going to bed!

2. Whiter Teeth Instantly

white teeth











If you want instant whiter teeth, then use a dark shade lipstick! This will instantly make your teeth whiter and your smile bigger.

3. Use a Spoon To Connect Fake and Real Eyelashes

beauty secrets











When applying fake lashes, sometimes you get that small space in between them. Use a spoon behind the lashes so that when you put your mascara, they both connect and intertwine better.

4. No More Eye bags

beauty secrets











Green Tea bags is the secret! I cannot tell you enough how much you will thank me for this one. I had days in which I would only have 3 hours of sleep. So, whenever I could, I would drink a green tea with 2 tea bags in it, put the used bags on the freezer and after 15 minutes I would lay for a while with them on my eyes. Instant eye bag relief!

5. Scotch Tape is Your Friend

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Want to get that perfect eyeshadow at the end of your eyes? Use scotch tape as an eye stencil for both liner and shadow. You will get the perfect application every time!

6. Skipping Shampoo

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Good news for all of you that hate going through the hassle of washing your hair. Dirty hair actually holds hairdos better so keep it dirty! You can also use dry shampoo in case that you feel like your hair looks too limp. It’s magical!

7. Double Sided Tape is a Must

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Many of you might not think that this is necessary, but when you go through that moment, you’ll be wishing you had some double sided tape. It can save you from very stressful moments!