It’s common knowledge that if you take care of your body, you will maintain a slim figure. But sometimes, exercise and diets require too much commitment. The thing is, we all want to look good in our clothes. We want our appearance to say something positive about us. If you have little diligence for a health routine and need to look good and slim, here are 7 tips you should take into consideration when you dress to impress.

7 Fashion Tips to Look Slimmer:

1.Flared Skirts

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These types of skirts mask heavy hips and round legs. They also help accentuate your waist and mold perfect curves.


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Wearing black makes a girl look thin. True, but it’s also a fact, that you will also look slimmer with pretty much any solid color, as long as you use it from head to toe.

3. V-Neckhow to look slimmer











V-necks create a slimming neckline and a taller looking neck. Also, you can rock your cleavage while looking thinner.

4. High-rise Pants

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High-waist pants can elongate your lower body. The most slenderizing item to choose are high-waist/slim-fitting jeans in dark denim or black with a bit of added spandex for stretch and movement.

5. Slimming Undergarments

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Nothing makes a woman feel more confident than a good corset that slims her down, so lace up!

6. Skinny Heals and Pointy Shoes

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Legs look slim and sexy with high heels. A pointy shoe helps to narrow the silhouette of your calves.

7. Layers

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A perfectly layered look will complement your figure and create an illusion of a more proportionate silhouette. People tend to think that layering will make you look bigger, but if it’s done right, then it cannot be farther from the truth. The trick is to keep the under-layers more fitted to shape you down.