Stay In Shape
Staying in shape requires commitment and organization. My commitment levels go as high as trying my best not to miss Suits new episodes; If you want to test my organizational skills, just try walking from one side of my room to the other without stepping on some piece of clothing. I am that kind of person: the kind that starts stuff but seldom sees them through. I don’t know why, but I have survived life pretty damn good, this way. I’m not even ashamed of it, I kind of am rather proud of my luck.

But I was getting fat.

And I kinda don’t like it… So, I needed to find ways to hack my way into slimming down requiring close to no effort whatsoever. You will love me, after reading these lazy tips to stay in shape, below.

1.    Keep your Straightening Iron at the Gym

Or your blow-dryer. Something that will make you have to go to the gym every day. If you leave something you use daily, and MUST use daily, then you will have to return to the place where you store it. Make this storage place, the gym.

2.    Replace Pajamas with Gym Clothes

Getting up is hard to do, remembering to put on your gym gear can be a boring and forgetful task. If you sleep in your gym clothes, instead of in your pajamas, then all you will really need to do in the morning is get up and get going.sleep


3.  airplane mode  Put your Phone on Airplane Mode

You need your rest, and your phone never sleeps. You need to disconnect for real and not wake up every time a ding noise comes up, or because Annie needs to talk to you about the infomercial she just caught at this ghastly hour.

4.  Freeze your Fruits

Fruits tend to go bad in a matter of a couple of days after you bought them. Who has time to go to the supermarket 3 times a week to replace the rotten fruit you just threw away for a new fresh batch? Not me. What I do, is I freeze my fruit, that way, it last longer and believe me, they are so nice to eat when they are frozen.

5.    Eat from Small Bowls portions

If you are still with me, then I know you don’t have any discipline to follow a strict diet. So, eat what you want! But here’s the catch: you must cut down on y
our portions. One great way to do this is by eating from several small bowls. This way, you will lower your carb daily intake and also, your calorie count.

water infuser6.    Buy a Water Infuser

Ever notice how cool people carrying those cylinder water infusers look? Me too. It makes water taste super good and the more water you drink, the fuller you will feel, the more weight you will lose.

7.    Drink Coffee

A cup of coffee has enough caffeine to burn fat stored in your body and use it as energy. It’s also delicious and you will feel way more alive at work.

8.    Create a Workout Playlist

Fill it with all the songs that get you pumped up. Play it early in the morning and try moving to its rhythm. Use this playlist every time you go to the gym or every time you decide to go for a walk. It will always make you think you are burning calories and in return, keep you motivated.playlist

9.    Get your Fiber from Nuts

Fiber is not the most appealing food group from the bunch, but it does help you lose weight by getting rid of your stomach waste. Buy almonds and keep Ziploc bags in your office. Every time a craving hits you, grab some almonds, instead of a donuts.

10.   Visual Apps

Download Model My Diet and enter your height and weight and a simulator will showcase how you currently look, and how you will look when hitting your targeted weight. It is a great visual motivator. Try it!1