4 day diet plan to lose weight

Loose weight in no time

If your huge size distresses you, and you have  a splurging urge to break free from it, then now is the time for you to get started with the right weight loss program.

First its vital to know the importance of weight loss. A perfect shape may make you look gorgeous, but it is important to note, that a perfect body has many health benefits too. Having a right weight, that is a right muscle and fat ratio in the body, can help you to  avoid many diseases and reduce all problems related to blood pressure and other vascular issues.  Being fit , is another admiring way to boost your self confidence.

Weight loss can curb many health problems like:

  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Certain cancers
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

Weight loss not only prevents, but also sometimes reverse diabetes. As professionals claim, a small amount of weight loss, contributes positively to your good health.

It has been discovered that people with healthy weight have more energy levels, which helps them to increase their productivity. As a result, they work  90% more than what they were working earlier.  This works well in every sphere of your life. You are able to improve with your work at the workplace, at home or any social gathering.

Let’s look at some methods to lose weight:

There are numerous ways through which you can reduce weight  and have an appropriate ratio of muscle to fat. These methods range from some simple ways like eating proper food to some intensive medical treatments which involve different kinds of surgical ways.

Once you are determined enough to lose weight, you should be adaptable enough to change your lifestyle according to your health requirements. For this, you need to get started by reducing calorie intake or by having smaller portions of food. These changes might seem very small initially , but they help you achieve your fitness goals very easily. You must possess this willingness to change your lifestyle, to have a healthy life.

The second thing that impacts your weight loss program is your commitment and motivation. Just stay motivated till you reach your ideal weight. You are able to focus on your health in a better way, when you focus more on your goal of becoming healthy and resist all temporary temptations.

If you are curious to know how can you reach your weight goals, then just scroll just and see some easy ways that will help you to lose weight:

Start with a Power diet

This diet plan is designed in a way that could match with your fast pace life. Its easy and simple to follow, and shows some quick changes in your health. You need to follow the same meal plan for every week, to some quick changes.

To start your day:  Start with a glass of water with honey and lemon mixed in it. This will clean the acidic residue in the body, making it absolutely clear.

Then for breakfast you can have anything out of these options:

  • An egg white omelet made of two eggs plus two slices of brown bread,
  • Skim milk with cereal of your choice, including cornflakes, oats or wheat bran, but no flavored or sweetened cereals,
  • A salad bowl of fruits or sprouts,
  • Vegetable Porridge
  • Cottage cheese made from skim milk with two slices of brown bread.

Before starting with the lunch, take black coffee as it increases your metabolism.


  • A roasted chicken with half a plate of brown rice or a slice of brown bread
  • A boiled chicken or two hundred grams of soybean with half a plate of brown rice or a slice of brown bread
  • A bowl of lentil soup with some vegetable salad and half a plate of brown rice or one or two slices of brown bread

Along with any serving, have probiotic curd. This will increase your digestion.

Shift to dinner:

For dinner you are free to choose any two from the below:

  • You may have boiled Soya beans or a soup of your choice with vegetable salad.
  • You can also have three boiled eggs with a bowl of vegetable soup.
  • A chicken or tuna salad is also an option here.
  • You may have a bowl of lentil soup or a bowl of porridge.

Just give enough time for your body to digest food, before going to bed.

This is a six day diet plan. One day you can enjoy all your favorite food. Make sure not to overeat that day.

Four Days Weight Loss Program

This program will help you lose weight in just four days by burning 600 calories on an average. Does it seem like some fantasy? Well, it’s certainly not. It’s hundred percent reality.

Day 1
On the first day for breakfast, take these items:

  • A cup of skim milk
  • A medium sized orange

For lunch you can have:

  • Vietnamese-Style Beef & Noodle Broth
  • One small-sized wheat pita bread

The dinner on the first day will comprise of:

  • A half a cup of cooked brown rice
  • Some green and yellow beans along with wild mushrooms

Day 2

On the second day, have these items in your breakfast:

  • A cup of skim milk
  • One half of a small banana

You can have the following items for lunch:

  • One serving of spicy Thai shrimp salad
  • About two cups of shredded Romaine Lettuce

For dinner the following items are permissible:

  • A single cup of steamed Brussel sprouts
  • A serving of almond-crusted chicken fingers

Day 3
The breakfast on the third day will consist of:

  • One English muffin of whole-wheat
  • One full cup of skim milk

For lunch the following is on the menu:

  • A single cup of tossing mix salad
  • A single tablespoon of fat free Blue Cheese salad dressing
  • One Spanish tortilla

The dinner on the third day will be:

  • A serving of sautéed spinach, without garnish
  • A  cup of skim milk

Day 4
For breakfast on the fourth day you must have:

  • A cup of skim milk
  • Half a cup of hot oatmeal

The lunch on the fourth day consists of:

  • A cup of tossing mix salad, same as the last day
  • A  Puerto Rican fish stew (Bacalao)

For dinner on the night of the fourth day you may have:

  • Half a cup of cooked brown rice
  • A serving of maple-glazed chicken breasts