Lose weight with this Power Diet Plan

Power Diet

If you have a splurging desire to break free from your large size, you must get started with our weight loss Power Diet Plan!

Among other things, weight loss can help reverse diabetes. According to the professionals, a small amount of weight loss leads to your good health.

It has been discovered that people with healthy weight, have more energy levels, which helps them increase their productivity. Thus, they work 90% more than what they were working before. This works well in every sphere of your life, you can improve your work at the workplace, at home or any social gathering.

If you are curious to know how you can reach your weight goals, then scroll down and see some easy ways that will help you lose weight:



Start with a Power diet

This power diet plan is designed in a way that could match with your fast pace life. It’s simple and easy to follow, and you will notice some quick improvements in your health.

To start your day:

First of all, you have to start your day with a glass of water mixed with honey and lemon. This will clean the acidic residue in the body, making it clear.

Then, for breakfast, you can have anything out of these options:

  • An egg white omelet made of two eggs plus two slices of brown bread,
  • Skim milk with cereal of your choice, including cornflakes, oats or wheat bran, but no flavored or sweetened cereals,
  • A salad bowl of fruits or sprouts,
  • Vegetable Porridge
  • Cottage cheese made from skim milk with two slices of brown bread.

Before starting with the lunch, don’t forget to take a cup of this powerful blend of tea to boost your metabolism and help you cleanse your body.

Furthermore, for lunch, you may pick any of these options:

  • A roasted chicken with half a plate of brown rice or a slice of brown bread
  • A boiled chicken or two hundred grams of soybean with half a plate of brown rice or a slice of brown bread
  • A bowl of lentil soup with some vegetable salad and half a plate of brown rice or one or two slices of brown bread

Along with any serving, have probiotic curd. This will increase your digestion.

Shift to dinner:

Finally, for dinner, you are free to choose any two from the options below:

  • You may have boiled Soya beans or a soup of your choice with vegetable salad.
  • You can also have three boiled eggs with a bowl of vegetable soup.
  • A chicken or tuna salad is also an option here.
  • You may have a bowl of lentil soup or a bowl of porridge.

Also, remember to give enough time for your body to digest food before going to bed.

This is a six-day power diet plan, therefore, you will have one day off on the week to enjoy all your favorite foods. Make sure you don’t overeat that day, otherwise you will lose all the progress achieved.