reduce 500 calories
If our body starts losing 500 calories every day, then we will manage to reduce 1 pound in just one week. However, to achieve this, we need to follow specific strategies and steps. Let’s try to see some weight loss tips that can help you:

#1. Avoid  Eating Things With Excessive Calories

excessive calories

Avoid intake of all high-calorie food. Foods like nuts have an excessive amount of calories in them. A handful of nuts has around 175  calories in it. This makes it 525 calories 3 handfuls of nuts. Cutting down on dry fruits like nuts, can actually help to save around 500 calories in a day.

#2. Avoid TV While Eating

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You need to abandon your source of entertainment for the sake of your health. While watching TV, we engross our mind so much into it that we tend to eat more than our usual appetite. This ultimately increases the amount of calories in the body.Try to eat food on the table and then go for a walk.  This way you will be able to control as well as burn extra calories.

#3. Don’t Add Any Extra Toppings To Your Salad

reduce 500 calories

Salad is considered as a very healthy appetizer. However, make sure that it is free from the extra calories. Toppings like caramelized nuts, avocado, cheese crumbles, bacon, dried fruits and croutons add a huge amount of calories to the salad. As a result of this, salad becomes  excessively fattening.

#4. Wipe Out The Whip

reduce 500 calories

There is one important thing to note and that is, a single cup of coffee with whipped cream contains up to 670 calories. So if you really wish to control your weight, then avoid coffee completely. You can take black coffee to lose weight quickly.

#5. Cut Down On Your Favorite Chips

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A pack of chips contains more than 1260 calories. Therefore, say a big no to chips if you wish to lose weight quickly. If it’s very difficult for you to control your instinctive desires, then pick just 15 chips at one time which equals to 140 calories.

#6. Serve Before You Sit

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Before moving towards the dining table, make sure to fill your plate completely with the food you want to eat. Serve everything in the kitchen. Don’t bring anything on the table to serve as it will increase the risk of you indulging in excessive eating.

#7. Choose Cocktails With Fewer Calories

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Beverages such as hard drinks, soft drinks and fruit juices with added preservatives have lots of calories in them. On an average you can consume up to 500-800 calories from one drink. Always choose to have drinks with added soda, citrus juice, cranberry juice or tonic water. This will help you to save yourself from consumption of a huge amount of calories. Here is a list of low-calorie cocktails you should start considering.

#8. Forget Pasta

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A single plate of Pasta has 1,056 calories in it. If you wish to save yourself from such a heavy dose of calories, then avoid pasta or noodles completely.