Weight Watchers Diet
A healthy body enhances one’s lifestyle too. A person becomes physically, emotionally as well as mentally strong by losing weight. Therefore, it is important to have the correct eating habits to have a fit body.

Weight watchers focuses on effective calorie control, healthy nutrition and livability. The main goal is to lose weight  in an effective and healthy way. It focuses on four things:

  • Eat smarter
  • Healthy habits
  • Move more
  • Get support

How does the weight watchers diet work?

There are two programs to reduce weight through the Weight Watchers’ Diet:

  • Pointplus program
  • Core plan

The weight watchers’ pointplus program assigns a point value to every food, based on carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, calories, fat and  the amount of efforts required by you to burn it off.

If you are following weight watchers point plus program, then you can eat whatever you want. However, you must stick to the daily Points Plus target depending on your weight, gender, height and age. You can easily find the point values of more than 40,000 foods. Processed foods like bologna have the highest point values while vegetables and fruits have zero point value. So you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like.  They are extremely high in fiber and highly nutritious.  Every drink or food has a points value. Points are calculated depending on the saturated fat contents and calories of the food material. You need to add the points values of foods you eat or drink in one day. Make sure not to go beyond your points allowance.

Weight watchers also add different power foods in the diet. For example, if you are considering 10 types of canned soup, you can see which has the least sodium and sugar, the most fiber, and other healthy nutrients.

Another method through which weight watchers  diet helps to reduce weight is through core plan.

If you are following core plan, then you will be allowed to eat a certain set of healthy food or core foods. There is no bar or limit on quantity of food. You eat till you feel comfortable. You also have your own weekly points allowance for treats.

Make a target to eat three meals in one day and eat till the time your stomach is full. You have a weekly allowance of 21 points, which you can utilize for snacks and treats.

The core plan of weight watchers diet includes foods that have low energy density or low calorie value. Once your body starts consuming food of low energy density, it starts feeling  satisfied on fewer calories.

Weight watchers Diet program has helped many people lose weight effectively.

There are two ways in which an individual can work with weight watchers, that is, via on-on one sessions or an online program.  Both programs include the same computations and materials. For people who opt for one to one meeting sessions, weight watchers motivate them to select a goal weight that would result in a healthy body mass index.  However, a person is free to establish a goal weight outside of that range after the consultation of a doctor.

Once a person reaches his or her goal weight, his maintenance period starts. For the following six weeks, the member adjusts his consumption of food, until his weight becomes fixed at one point.

Another way is an online program known as The weight watchers’ eTools. Through this service, every member can access the tracking tools and support materials. The service is available for an additional fee and is included  in the fee for members who opt for the “monthly pass” membership plan.

How is your goal weight set?

The goal weight can be easily set by using Body Mass Index (BMI). You need to have a BMI within 20 to 25, to be on a goal. Each person has his own goal weight within this range. With weight watchers, you can lose 10 percent of body weight depending on the health benefits it offers.

Any average person can lose up to 2lb per week with weight watchers diet program. However, weight watchers diet program is not for pregnant ladies. Other  people who are suffering from eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa can also not indulge into the weight Watchers’ diet.  Children below the age of 10 can also not join this program. To become an online member, you need to be at least 18 years old.

People with medical problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or gallstones are also recommended seeing  their GP and then start with the weight loss plan.

Women who are breastfeeding can join this program  after 6 weeks of giving birth.

Moreover, you should be at least 5 lbs heavier than your minimum weight to join. Minimum weight is based on BMI (Body Mass Index) of 20.