Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Everyone wants a healthy life even if they deny it.  Physical activity is the healthier way to stay in shape. So what’s the hush-hush of people who made exercise as their prime way of stalwart health? When you exercise, your body keeps on supplying adequate energy to your muscles. This helps you to keep going, but the way a right proportion of energy is made available to your muscles depends on the force and duration of your exercise. So before trying your hands on heavy instruments, consider the following ten workout secrets specifically prepared to match your exercise needs.













“For me the challenge isn’t to be different but to be consistent.”-Joan Jett

Chase Square, a 5’4’’ Colorado resident, admits that staying fit is always challenging, but if you are consistent then you can trounce this challenge. Square used to weigh 205 pounds, which was a lot in proportion to his age and height. The 42-year-old Square decided to axe his fatty food, and soon started walking on a treadmill. Shortly he revived a healthy shape and started running marathons. He was not fast though, but he was in the race. In October 2003, Square ran his first 50-mile race. Thereafter, he completed several 50 and 100 mile races.

When he was asked to explore the secret, he delightedly answered, “I’m not fast, but I’m consistent.” According to him, consistency is the prime tip for sustaining a robust health. He started his fitness journey with a routine 20 minutes walk on a treadmill. What he believes is that, nothing can result you better than consistency.

2.Practice a Result Oriented Exercise Routine

There are several ways of staying fit, but all may not be result oriented. In order to gift your body a healthier shape, it is important to follow a useful exercise routine. In the recent past, The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has conducted a survey on 1,000 certified physical trainers. The prime focus of that the survey was to underline the best techniques to stay fit. They came up with the following common fitness suggestions:

  • Strength Training:

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It is a type of physical exercise that aims to boost your physical strength. Strength training benefits you by burning your extra calories, developing muscles and self-confidence. According to the ACE certified trainers, practicing strength training 20 minutes a day will help you to tone your entire body.

  • Interval Training:

The protocol of interval training is to increase and decrease the intensity of your exercises between anaerobic and aerobic training. The concept of interval training is originated from Sweden, where it is also known as fartlek training. The basic concept of an interval training includes a walk for five minutes and then run for five minutes, and then alternate doing the same pattern of walking and running throughout your entire workout. It is a time-effective and result oriented routine workout.

  • Aerobic Exercise:












This type of exercise is also known as cardio exercise, which stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to a certain extent that can be sustained throughout your workout. It requires pumping of oxygenated blood by heart, which is used to supply oxygen to your working muscles. According to Cedric Bryant (Chief Science Officer, ACE), practicing low/moderate-intensity workout for an hour or more can be very handy to gain a good health. Walking, running and dancing are few forms of low and moderate-intensity activity.

3.Set an Achievable Goal

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“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”-Larry Bird

Setting a goal always keeps you performing, but make sure the goal is realistic. No need to set your goal to complete a marathon, but a 15-minute walk a day is something that you can certainly accomplish. Over time, when you become consistent, who knows! you may complete several races like Chase Square did.

4.Use Your Workout Companion












Doing exercise in the group is comparatively more enthusiastic than your solo performance. Find a friend or relative who is desperate to live a healthy lifestyle. Encourage one another throughout the workout program. Doing so will not only boost up your confidence, but also strengthen the relationship.

5.Plan Things as Per Your Way of Living

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Staying busy is a usual part of our everyday lives, but we should not let it be an excuse. Health and Fitness Ambassador of AARP and former number one tennis star Martina Navratolova has stated in one of her articles that, one does not require fancy exercise and gyms to stay fit. What she believes is that, one need to make a plan that fits his/her lifestyle. You can start with simple exercises that need no huge space.

Start doing push-ups, lunges and squats for 20-30 minutes a day. Aim to repeat these exercises for 10-12 times. Doing so will increase the flexibility of your thigh, arms, buttocks and legs.

6.Enjoy Your Workout Session

You should do an activity that you really enjoy doing. If you hate lifting heavy instruments, there are several alternatives ways that you can practice losing weight. Walking and running are two common workout alternatives that you can try. If you enjoy scaling the rocks, rock climbing would an excellent workout option for you. However, this cannot be practiced routinely if you live in a city. In such cases, you can also practice swimming.

7.Pick the Correct Time

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Try to kick-off your workout when you have the most energy. If you are an early riser then plan your workout in the early morning. If you feel charged up as the day proceeds, then schedule your fitness activities in the afternoon or evening hours.

8.Professional Assessment

Professional assessment guides you to determine which type of exercise you need to start with. For some people, increasing the flexibility may be more important than doing aerobics. At the same time, some people may prefer using the heavy instruments. Professional assessment will also help you to underline your weakest links and develop your fitness balance.

9.Get Influenced

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Follow your favorite sport start or movie celebrity, and get inspired the way they are working on their fitness practices. You can also read blogs or watch fitness videos on the internet get influenced. Doing so will motivate you to step further towards your fitness path.

10.Never Give up

Ups and downs are two ironies of our lives, but make sure you do not quit. If you stay focused and have patience, then you will certainly experience a positive outcome in the end.