Sugar Cravings

When you feel insecure about your body, you tend to avoid mirrors. You keep making promises to yourself. You say:

‘’I’m going to join a gym, this month.’’


‘’I will start dieting on Monday.’’

Is it ever true? For those people that actually manage to commit to these self-promises, Turbo High 5 to you! The rest of us, we all want to make changes, but wanting and actually doing are two different things.

Problem with staying committed, is the constant cravings we get while being exposed to delicious food visuals everywhere we look. Your body is screaming for sugar and even though you are struggling against theses cravings, it’s just a matter of time for you to fall into temptation.

Stop Sugar Cravings

So what can we do?

Below, you will find 5 useful tips you can use next time to stop sugar cravings as soon as they hit you!

1.    Eat often

These cravings are signs that your body is telling you that you hungry for something nutritious. You need energy, and sugar is the fastest way to get it (although you fattening by eating it!) Then, by eating small portions of meals throughout the day, you keep your body fed so it does not feel abandoned, spacing farther away the periods when these cravings hit.

2.    Include Protein

Including protein in every meal helps your metabolism. Protein takes more time to digest, so it keeps your body feeling fuller for longer periods of time- thus eliminating those sugar cravings.

3.    Say NO to SweetenersSweeteners

Aside from all the health issues they are linked to, artificial sweeteners (including soda pops), have been associated with increasing your sugar cravings. Stay away from them- they are not even tasty.

4.    Drink Water


Sometimes, you can mistake dehydration with hunger. That empty stomach feeling will increase your sugar cravings and will make it hard for you to stop them. Drink a glass or water as a first response to these cravings and see if they disappear

5.    Brush Your Teeth


I know this sounds strange but this is a very useful tip to fight sugar cravings. Brushing your teeth will make your mouth feel fresh and clean and subconsciously, you will not want to trash it with food.