bed time mistakes

I know many of you might not take these “mistakes” seriously but you have no idea of how much they can impact your sleep! Some of you might also put very little effort on your sleeping habits but reconsider that! Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety!

The damage of sleep deficiency can occur in an instant (a car crash, a bad decision). It can also raise your risk of chronic diseases. So pay careful attention to your sleeping habits and make a change now!

Snacking On Caffeinated Foods

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A good night sleep might completely depend on what you eat all throughout your day and especially what you have for dinner or as a snack before bed time. Many of you might not take into account certain foods that contain caffeine that may be stealing some of your night sleep and ruining your day’s performance. Remember that snacks such as chocolate, energy drinks, soft drinks and many teas contain caffeine!

How to Fix it:

Focus on foods that contain tryptophan which can help promote sleep. Foods that contain tryptophan include: Milk, yoghurt, bananas, nuts, seeds, tofu, oats, beans, and lentils.

Planning on “Catching on Sleep”

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I’m sorry for the bad news, but trying to catch on the sleep you missed during the week doesn’t work quite like that. Many of us believe that if during the week you didn’t sleep much, you’ll be able to repay your sleeping debt during the weekend which can actually be a bad idea. If you try to catch on sleep during the weekend, it might mess up your internal clock and you might have more difficulty waking up the next week. So keep this in mind! It’s best not to mess up with your sleep cycle. Remember that sleep is essential for almost everything so keep a good eye on your sleeping habits.

How to Fix It:

Make time to sleep at least 7 hours. It is extremely important so prioritize!

Sleeping with Pets

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A study performed by the Mayo Clinic showed that about 53% of the participants who were pet owners said their pets disturbed their sleep.  Many people may not realize that their pet might be disturbing your sleep because you are not completely conscious of it but your dog scratching all night will definitely have an impact on your night sleep.

Let me tell you a couple of facts about pets.

Cats are territorial, once they get on your bed, it will be hard to move them away. They are also nocturnal so they will spend the majority of the night awake and interrupting your sleep.

Dogs may experience dreams that will cause them to move, bark, whine or jerk their legs.

So if you want to maintain a good night sleep, we recommend keeping your pets away from your bed.

How to Fix It:

Educate your pets so that they learn they need to sleep in a different room. I know you might want to have them right next to you but your health is important!

Using Technology Before Bed

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We are in the 21st century and I know electronics are simply a part of our lives at all times. This is something that we need to control when bed time starts to get closer since the light that our electronic devices emit promote wakefulness.

I confess that I am one of those people that is used to spending at least 10 minutes going through my Facebook timeline right before shutting my eyes at night. (I definitely need to stop this!) It is so important to have a good time sleep especially when you don’t get those full 7-8 hours.  I usually get about 6 and this definitely doesn’t help me maintain a good performance either at work or gym and even promotes hunger!

So let’s work on this guys! One step at a time. Right?

How to Fix It:

Give yourself a tech curfew! Easy as that.

Leaving the TV On

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This is not a problem I have but I’ve noticed how this affects other people in my family. Many people leave the TV on when they fall asleep and this interrupts their sleep later on during the night when they have to wake up to turn it off (If they do)… if not, you are wasting more than enough electricity!

Apart from this, the exposure to light stimulates nerve pathways from the eyes to the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a key role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.

A fun fact about this is that a study recently found that exposure to unnatural light may have real consequences in our health which can lead to an increased risk in depression.

So before bedtime, limit television viewing, computer use, and cellphone use since they hinder sleep quality

How to Fix:

Try to change your habit of watching TV before bed time to maybe radio? Listening to radio might actually help you fall asleep.