Can't Lose Weight

You exercise, count calories, and do whatever it takes to lose weight. Somehow, it’s not working out for you. You’ve become terrified of your scale because it usually gives you the same number it gave you weeks ago. Read on to find out why you are not loosing weight!

1.Paying with a Credit Card

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You might not know this, but when you use your credit card to pay for your groceries, you are more likely to spend money in less healthy foods and packed with calories. Because you cannot really feel the loss of money at the time, you behave way more impulsively when buying food.

2.Thinking About Working Out

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If you think about exercising all day and obsess about it, you may be actually harming your process. A French study revealed, that the sole act of thinking about exercising will make your brain hungrier than usual, thus making you eat more than usual. Your mind just assumes that your next working out sesh is an excuse to indulge in high calorie meals.

3.Working Behind a Desk

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Sitting for long periods of time, reduces your body´s production of an enzyme called lipase, which inhibits fat from storing itself in your body.  Now take into consideration, that standing up and stretching every now and then, will increase your metabolism up to 13%.

 4.Sleep Deprivation

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When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it goes on ‘’survival mode’’, which enhances the desire for fat and carbs. You must try to at least get 7.5 hours of sleep every day. This will allow your body to rest and make better decisions regarding your diet.

5.You Eliminated a Food Group

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You stopped eating carbs? Even if this sounds like a good idea, it’s not. Your body actually needs daily carb intake. You must only know which carbs are good for you, and which will not only never give you a sensation of fulfillment, but will be stored in your body for a long time.

6.Skipping Breakfast

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You might be thinking that you will eat less calories if you skip a mean, but this is a mistake. You will be famished by the time lunch

comes around and binge on food to fulfill that void. Start your day on a good note: eat fruits and protein in the morning for energy.

7.Eating in Front of the T.V.

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Because your attention is not focused on your food only, you might be eating more than you should and not noticing it. Your brain also plays a role when you eat. It needs to see how much you’ve eaten to also send the message that it might be full. Sit in your dining table and eat with no distractions. Remember: You eat to live; not to keep you distracted and happy.