I’ve been so stressed out because of personal reasons and issues at work.Thank god for Anita, my new-age colleague. She always has some breathing exercise for me to do, or some incense to smell. ‘It will relax you’- she says. Do I relax? Hardly; But I always end up with a smile on my face, God bless her.

But this week has been more than I could manage and I was really thinking about visiting a shrink. After a good cry in a bathroom stall, I was splashing water on my face when Anita’s voice peeked from behind me:

– ‘’Oh Honey. It’s time for you to detox’’.


Detox. Another one of those new words that people throw around, today. I lifted my head so our eyes could meet and we hugged for a while. When I stopped crying she started again:2

‘’I can assure you, that this detox diet you should do, will work on your self-esteem and self-assertiveness. ‘’


Ok, so maybe this time, I needed to hear some more on the subject. She started telling me how the stomach is an incredibly strong and powerful organ. Most importantly, when your emotions run wild, it is not your heart that feels the strain: it is your stomach. This is why our emotions are linked so closely to our eating habits, or why when we get bad news, it usually feels like someone punched you there. So, when you detox, all that energy your stomach spends on metabolizing and decomposing food, is now spent on healing your body.

If this theory was actually true, I had to further investigate. According to experts, detox diets have3 existed for centuries. They all claim to eliminate toxins in your body and bring well-being to it. There are many types of detox diets out there, backed up by physicians. I tried the Yogi detox diet which basically consists in liquids for 7 days only. Fruit juices without the pulp and with no sugar, as many glasses a day (but not after 6 pm), and vegetable soups (strain the soup and drink the water), with no added salt or spices. She told me that if I got past the third day, I would be all right.

Boy was she right!

The clarity I got from this fast detox, was incredible. I was able to focus on more important things than my emotions, for at least a solid month. I know now what I have to do (naturally), in order to bring well-being into my life.


Be5cause there are other detox diets out there, here is a diagram of an easy one to get you started






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