lose weight without gym and dieting

No question: Everyone wants to be fit. But not everyone wants to get up in the morning at 6 o’clock and jog or go to the gym before a long day of work or school. But there are a few things that the laziest among us can do for our body – without waking up early or spending hours at the gym! So read on if you want to know how to lose weight without gym and dieting.

Sleep longer


It sounds too good to be true – but it’s not: sleeping helps with losing weight! Scientific studies show that at least seven hours of sleep per night will help you keep a healthy weight. Starting the day well rested means not only that you have more will power to resist sweet temptations, but also that you feel less hungry. This happens because there is a hormone called Ghrelin also known as the hunger hormone. This hormone is released, especially when we have not slept enough. So: Sleep more = eat less!

Eat more often


You don’t have breakfast? Well, think twice about it. There is a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. So don’t skip it! It is also important to eat several small meals throughout the day- breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and a small snack before going to bed. This sounds like a lot, but if you eat small portions more often during the day you will boost your metabolism, keep your blood sugar stable and have more energy. This is essential if you want to lose weight without gym and dieting.

Chocolate snacking


Good news for all Chocoholics: Chocolate is healthy! At least in moderation and especially dark chocolate. A few pieces a day quickly restore your desire for sweets and can even reduce the risk of heart disease. One or two pieces of dark chocolate will control your chocolate craving for the day.

Drink tea


Afternoon slump? There’s a reason why the British like to drink tea in the afternoon. In tea leaves lay unimaginable possibilities: for example, green tea can stimulate the metabolism, and you can get your hunger under control. Also, tea is made of water – and water makes you feel full. So instead of having to go directly to sweets, first make yourself a tea! My favorite tea that combines 4 of the most powerful ingredients is called Kou Tea. This tea gives you energy, makes you lose weight and also cleanses your body. It also tastes amazing, you can purchase it here.

Sit up!


Probably something your Mama always used to tell you when you were sitting in a bad position. Well, if you didn’t listen to her you might want to do it now. Straight sitting not only prevents back pain but it also strengthens your back muscles and supports digestion – ideal for losing weight. So listen to us and just sit up!

Alcohol in moderation


We already know that too much alcohol is harmful to us, we’ve know for a long time. And when we forget, the nasty hangover headache the next morning reminds us. But really, alcohol is also harmful, because drinks contain a lot of calories. If you have a party night ahead of you, choose a glass of wine rather than a twitching cocktail – wine has way fewer calories than those fruity cocktails.

Find yourself a fit friend


We all have it this one friend who makes sports five times a week, eats salad and starts the day with a green smoothie. That’s what you need! We are social creatures that automatically adapt ourselves to the habits of our counterparts. Surrounding yourself with people like this is the best motivation you can find to change your bad habits.

Exercise at least one minute


Even training a minute a day makes you fitter! Go into the plank position by starting on your belly in a lying position and resting your upper body on the underarms. Your feet touch the ground with your toes. Then you put your body in tension, put it in a line and hold that position. That shapes your belly, your arms and your butt – and only a minute every day makes a huge difference!

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