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Remember them olden days when ‘Stress’ was just a printed word on a T-shirt? And you would ask your aunts and uncles what it meant and no one could give you an answer you could understand? Oh, the 90’s. Suddenly everything is stressful and words like ‘anxiety’ and ‘idleness’ become part of our daily vocabulary.

Eating while under the influence of these emotional impulses, can will lead to becoming overweight. Why does stress eating seem like a recent phenomenon? I blame technology; but that is a subject for a different day. More importantly: How do we stop stress eating?

I read somewhere, that there is a simple test to find out if you’re eating motivated by hunger, or emotion. Stay tuned, folks, it’s a real stunner:

The Broccoli Test

Or as I like to call it: TBT, because it sounds much more medical. That’s right. It consists in asking yourself a simple question:

Would I eat broccoli right now?

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If your answer is ‘’Yes’’, then you are physically hungry. Go right ahead and eat.

If you answer is ‘’No’’ then you emotionally hungry, and you need food to relieve you from stress, anxiety, sadness, boredom…etc.

Once you’ve identified the difference, it’s time to create an action plan to avoid stress eating:

Keep A Healthy House

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Stop buying junk food that will give you the false sense of fulfillment. Fill your fridge with greens and good protein. Avoid wheat; it can be addictive and you will never become satisfied while ingesting wheat products.

Figure Yourself Out

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What is causing your emotional eating habits? Ask yourself key questions to identify the issue. Once you have the answer, you will be able to recognize stress eating as a self-destructive act, and will be compelled to stop.

Keep a Blog or Diary

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Every time you feel the urge to binge, grab a notepad or go on your computer. Write down your emotions at the exact time you’re feeling them. This will help you become more rational, rather than emotional, when deciding whether or whether not to eat.

Walk It Out

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Start walking or jogging. Multiple studies have revealed that a daily half an hour walk releases endorphins that fight off stress.