Phen375 Ingredients

All the information about the Phen375 ingredients

Phen375 is a weight loss pill that has gained broad popularity in the last couple of years.

It works by suppressing hunger and increasing metabolism in the body, which has made it to be the most effective weight loss pill available in the market today. It has been used by thousands of people across the world who has appreciated it for making them shed extra pounds and improving their lifestyle.

Who can take Phen375?

This drug can be taken by both men and women who feel that they are overweight and want to overcome the problem quickly and safely. Phen375 works by denying you appetite for food and increasing metabolism thus losing those extra fats fast. If your BMI is more than 25 kg/m2, then you can start using Phen375 right away.  It can help you burn fat as soon as you start using it due to its fast reaction. But this effective weight loss pill does not work alone; you also need to incorporate diet plans and exercises for a complete and successful weight loss program.  Many people who have used this drug have positive reviews about it as it has less side effects and works fast compared to other similar products that are available in the market. The success of this pill has been attributed to its five strong ingredients that are used to manufacture it. The drug is also manufactured under FDA approved laboratory using only the highest quality ingredients available in the market.

What are the ingredients used to manufacture Phen375?

Phen375, as already stated above is an effective fat burner which works by both suppressing hunger and increasing metabolism.  The result is fast and efficient which has left many people relieved and satisfied. But how has this drug been capable of achieving such success? The secret is based on the five powerful ingredients that are used to manufacture the drug, the special formulation that it undergoes and the laboratories that it is manufactured under.

Ingredients of Phen375 include:

  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine – It is responsible for stimulating the nervous system that prevent some enzymes from reproducing within the cells and also increasing metabolism which burns fats in the body.
  • Capsicum – It also increases metabolism, burns fats and help in heating up the body.
  • L-carnitine – Generates metabolic energy by moving functional groups of fatty acids from intracellular fluid into the mitochondria where they are broken down.
  • Capsaicin-1.12 – Helps in blood flow in the body through the smaller blood vessels and also distribute active ingredients throughout the body.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone – Makes it easier to break down stored food which enhances muscle building.
  • LongJack Tongkat Ali – Increases testosterone levels which promotes  faster metabolism
  • Sympathomimetic Amine – Helps in the production of Norepinephrine which helps in fat mobilization and metabolic rate.


How do these ingredients work?

All the ingredients that are used in manufacturing Phen375 have been scientifically proven to work in reducing fat in the body. Phen375 is produced in FDA approved pharmaceutical laboratories that ensure the drug is of high quality and meets health standards. The ingredients are specially formulated and synthesized for best results.  They have been proven to;

  • Suppress appetite and cravings for food
  • Shed off extra fat in the body
  • Increase the metabolic rate and release a lot of energy
  • Dissolve fat stored in the body
  • Increase the capability of the body in burning fat

Some questions have asked whether the ingredients that are used in the manufacturer of Phen375 are safe. All the ingredients that are used in this pill are produced in laboratories that have been approved by US FDA. This is after they have passed stringent safety measures that have been put by the governing body. Though a few users have experienced some side effects after taking the drug, no dangerous side effects have been documented though. This shows that the pill is widely accepted as an effective drug for weight loss.

What are the side effects of Phen375?

Just like any other drug, selected side effects have been reported by some users after taking it.  Some of the side effects that have been reported include;

  • Dizziness
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Increased heart beat
  • Increased blood pressure levels
  • Inconsistency in stool

The impact of the side effects on users is different depending on many factors.  None of the above side effects have been reported to be dangerous and the pill has been well received by thousands of customers around the world. Any negative effects reported are mild and not life threatening as thousands of people have benefited from this revolutionary drug.


Every drug whether it is prescription medicine or over the counter can only be useful when taken according to the directions; this applies to Phen375 as well.  Take the pill as prescribed and follow the instructions carefully. For best results combine this pill with other weight loss programs e.g. good diet plan and a lot of exercises. If you are suffering from heart diseases, hypertension, glaucoma or any other prolonged illness, then stay away from Phen375. It might aggravate the situation further and cause bodily harm.  This pill also has ingredients that have been prohibited by world anti-doping body. Therefore if you are an athlete or you are engaged in any other competitive sport, then you might not want to take the drug unless you want to be kicked out of the sporting event.

Not every person who takes this pill will get the same results as prescribed. As you are aware, different bodies react differently with medication. If you take this pill and you experience adverse side effects, then you may want to discontinue with the whole dosage and seek the services of a physician.  As said earlier, some people may experience nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate and many more side effects associated with drugs. This might be normal and do not necessarily mean that the pill is harmful to your body. But if symptoms persist, then you may want to stop the dosage immediately and see a doctor.