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Your experience with our product matters to us. We value you and would greatly appreciate your feedback about your experience with Phen375.  You can show others the effectiveness of Phen375. As you help us with this effort, you can get rewarded with free product as a thank you for your help!


There are 2 Types of Testimonials You Can Send Us:

#1. Video Testimonial

Weight Loss

Send us a Video Testimonial in which you tell us about your discontent regarding your weight in the past. In the video, include your starting weight, the weight-loss you have accomplished, the reason why you decided to try Phen375 and the results after taking the treatment. This will make a great reference for other people trying to accomplish the same objectives as you!

As a reward for your video testimonial, we will give you a 3-month supply of Phen375 as a Gift!

#2. Before and After Pictures


You can send us a picture of how you looked before taking Phen375 and how you look now after taking the treatment. In this review, it is important that you show the product in your “After” picture. We will also need you to add a short written testimonial in which you tell us about your starting weight, the weight-loss you have accomplished, and your overall experience while taking Phen375.

By sending us your “Before and After Pictures”, you will be rewarded with a 2-month supply of Phen375!

How to Send Your Testimonials?

You can send us your Testimonial in the link below which will redirect you to the Phen375’s Testimonial Page. You will need to fill out a form with basic information about you so that you can receive your reward! Also, in case you want your identity protected, just let us know on the testimonial Identity Protection Field found in the same Testimonial Form.

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Another way you can send us your Testimonial is by contacting us through Inbox on Facebook! Send us your Testimonial Video or Pictures and include your information to get your reward!

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You can also help us by publishing your testimonial on our Phen375 Facebook Home Page!

Just A Reminder!

In Your Testimonials Include:

  • Your Starting Weight
  • The Weight Loss You Have Accomplished
  • Your Weight After Taking Phen375
  • Your Experience While Taking Phen375

Thank YOU in advance for helping us in this effort!