Eat healthy

Food is the vital need of any human body. Nothing except food can work on the body for right and appropriate growth of it. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The food varies from a nutritional entity, to a poisonous entity. If some eatables are highly healthy for us, some of them act as a slow poison on our body. Fried food, oily food, junk and unhygienic food act as a slow poison on the body and lead to problems like obesity and excess weight.

Let’s check out some extremely nutritional food that can help us control our weight and have a maintained body:



Highly rich in proteins and Vitamin E, almonds boosts up your energy level. High fiber content in almonds stops you from feeling hungry. Though almonds are slightly rich in calorie content, but they do not add to your belly fat. Not only this, almonds work wondrously to give healthy skin and hair. Replace your breakfast, with a handful of almonds and see the difference.

Leafy green:

Leafy green

If you wish to flatten your bulging stomach, then you should immediately switch to green vegetables. Green vegetables like spinach, kale, and romaine lettuce are low in calories and are full of essential fibers. They also have several vital minerals and vitamins that help to ease the retention of water in the stomach and intestine without causing any discomfort or bloating in the body.



Oats work as an excellent appetizer. If you start your day with a handful of outs, you will be able to curb your hunger for long hours in the latter part of the day. A handful of oats act as fillers and energy boosters for the body. Oats are extremely low in calories.

Olive oil:


Oils, such as olive oil have polyunsaturated fats which reduce your hunger or hunger pains. Moreover, olive oil also contains a natural chemical known as oleic acid, which helps in breaking down the excess fats inside the body.



Beans are highly rich and packed with nutrients like fibers and proteins. They are extremely low in calories and bursting energy. They keep the stomach full and provide required proteins to the muscles. This helps in proper growth and toning of your muscles. You can easily choose to replace your beef chilli with bean chilli.



Peppermint acts as a potent healer. It also helps in calm digestion of food. For all those who wish to slim down their stomach, peppermint can act as a very good healer for them as it will help to digest all food completely in the stomach. The easiest way is to take it with tea. If you start drinking peppermint tea, three times of day, you will yourself notice a tremendous change in your digestion power.  It also helps to clear the skin.

Green Tea:

Green Tea

If you are addicted to your brew tea every morning, then this might be a good change for you. Green tea acts as an excellent antioxidant. It flushes out excess fluid from the stomach, caused due to water retention. It also speeds up the metabolism rate and aids the burning of excess fat.



Kelp is highly rich in iodine and helps to develop the thyroid hormones within the body. Also known as seaweed, these regulate the metabolic rate within your body and help in the breakdown of excess belly fat and relieve the body from water retention.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a very effective body detox.  It detoxes the body and purifies it, helping in digestion of food. Therefore, it is also known as a digestive tonic. It removes the harmful bacteria from the body and flushes all toxins. You can add some it while cooking in your vegetables or as a dressing over your salad.

Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice has a high amount of Vitamin C that acts as a strong anti-oxidant. It also has excellent diuretic properties. It helps the body to release excess and harmful fluids that are within through excretion. Start you day with a glass of cranberry juice and have a relishing experience.



It is considered as a luxury vegetable because it is highly rich in vitamins like A, B complex, C and E. It also contains high amounts of zinc and potassium which help to clear the skin. It helps in the removal of excess fluids from the body. It fights away with the inflammations like arthritis and rheumatism.



Tomatoes are considered as one of the best fat fighting food and strong antioxidants. They reduce water retention and inflammation from the body. They also reverse leptin resistance. Leptin regulates the appetite as well as the metabolism rate of the body.



Garlic is highly rich in anti-oxidants which help to fight the toxins within the body. It produces a natural chemical known as allicin, which reacts with the blood to fight harmful bacteria. A healthy gut ensures a flat stomach. Therefore, though garlic may make your breath smell a bit, but having one or two cloves of it, will surely help you to have a healthy body.

Pepper or Red Chili

red chili

Add pepper or red chili to your food and increase your metabolism. It has high quantity of beta carotene and Vitamin C, which act as strong antioxidants and fight from the toxins and other foreign bodies within the blood. Not only this, it also helps to burn out excess fat present within the body.

If you determine to change your lifestyle and your eating habits, then you will undoubtedly see a change in your health. Your body will become healthy and your metabolism would also increase. This will burn all extra calories within your body. It will gain required energy and will stay active throughout the day.

Food acts like a fuel for a human body, therefore it is very important to supply it in the right way.