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Do not get discouraged. There are probably many reasons why you are not able to lose weight. This can probably be beaten by making small changes in your diet or lifestyle. There is one important thing to note, the basic rule to lose weight is lowering the number of calories you take in compared to the ones that you burn. But I know that doing that is not so easy. This is especially hard when you have accomplished a healthy weight but you’re still trying to lose some vanity pounds.

One of the issues that you may encounter when trying to lower your number of calories, is suffering of chronic hunger. You may spend a whole day, hour after hour thinking about food. Your stomach might not be hungry but you have a constant desire for food and all kinds of temptation are impossible to resist!

So let’s go through the reasons why you are not able to overcome that weight loss plateau yet…

#1. Calories

Are you making sure that the number of calories that you are taking in is the right number? Is that a number that sounds like less than what you burn throughout your days? Are you cheating on your caloric intake? Are they good calories? Remember that certain foods may actually be making you hungrier so you got to eat the right amount of the right calories!

#2. Workout

Our bodies can adapt to almost everything that we make them do. Maintaining the same workout routine for a while will make your body get used to it. This is why it is important to vary the exercises and routines that you do. This will make your body enter into a state of shock every time you change your routine. Doing this will make your body burn the needed number of calories during each workout. Plus, depending on the workout, you will keep burning calories afterwards. I would recommend working with HIIT. You will burn an incredible number of calories and boost your metabolism!

Now, let me give you advice on the actions to take:

Keep a Log

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Even though some people might say that counting calories might be stressful and it might actually create the opposite effect on you, it is important that you keep a log of absolutely everything you eat, taste, lick…. See (jk jk)! This may not be necessary at all times, but when you realize that you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, then try keeping a well-organized log of the calories you take in. There are many apps that can make this a lot easier. In my case, I use myfitnesspal, it will make your life easier!

It is important that you stay true to yourself and your calories. Sometimes you may think that a small piece of sugar free gum won’t make a difference but if you are trying to overcome that plateau, then stay away from it for a couple of days while you try this. Everything you put in your mouth has calories, sugar, additives, chemicals and a whole lot of other stuff that can mess up your metabolism or make you crave unhealthy food.

It is also vital to make sure that the portions that you are eating are the right ones. Sometimes we may think that we are eating healthy, and you probably are! But you also got to watch the amount that you eat even if they are the right kind of foods. So what I would recommend, is using a food scale. If your nutritionist recommends 6 oz. of chicken for lunch, then you can make sure you are eating exactly the 6 oz. Moreover, don’t drink your calories! Drink water at all meals. At least in my case, I don’t like wasting my calories in drinks, I’d rather eat them! Usually drinks other than water contain sugar that can also hinder your weight loss efforts.

Vary Your Physical Activity

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Varying your workouts will prevent reaching a plateau in workout performance and weight loss. Apart from making sure that you continue with your weight loss results, it will also make sure that you continue enjoying your workouts. It keeps being challenging for your body which will make your body respond positively with results.

These changes in your workouts can be changes in exercises, sets/reps, intensity, and/or length of workout.  Try adding in more cardio workouts or as mentioned before, high intensity interval training workouts. These are probably the best recommendations you could ever get to overcome that weight loss plateau. You will be burnings tons of calories, boosting your metabolism and seeing actual results!


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It is simple. Water makes you full so drinking water or eating water rich foods will help keep you full for longer with very little caloric intake. So you can actually fill up a plate of water rich foods such as fruits or vegetables which will make you full but won’t harm you too much! Just try to stay away from sugary fruits!

Keep Your Eye On the Prize












Think about all of what you have accomplished with your body and all you will be able accomplish if you are able to overcome that plateau! It just takes a little more effort and it is worth it. Think about it and stay motivated with the results you accomplish every day.