The Pear Shaped Booty is seen as the most feminine and most wanted butt shape at the moment. As long as you commit to a good workout and nutrition plan, your pear shaped butt can become one of those magnificent J-Lo or Beyonce kind of butt!  So put time into breaking a good sweat and eat healthy and you should be seeing the results in no time!

Anyone with a pear shaped butt knows how important it is to target certain trouble areas in order to accomplish that incredibly desired lifted and toned Beyonce butt! Have you seen her perfect figure and how not a thing jiggles while she kills it with her dance moves on stage?!

I want that.

In order to accomplish that amazing pear shaped butt you need to plan your workouts around exercises that slim and tone your lower body while also toning your upper body for a more proportional look. So in order to accomplish a goal like that one, incorporating the right kinds of exercises is crucial to build the right muscles for a rounder, tighter booty.

The 6 Most Effective Moves to a Perfect Pear Shaped Booty:

#1. Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are not only great for firming the butt but they also work the core. It is one very efficient move that requires no equipment! At times, it may be one of the most underrated butt exercises but it works the gluteous, hamstrings, core stability muscles, hips and lower back muscles.

Glute Bridges

The right way to do a glute bridge: Lay on the floor with arms to the side, knees bent and heels on the ground. Make sure your back is completely against the ground. Lift your hips off the ground until you form a straight line with your shoulders, hips and knees. Squeeze your glutes when you get to the top of the straight line and Repeat.

#2. Dumbell Squats

Dumbell Squats burn more calories than almost any other exercises. Another benefit is that apart from working your booty, it also works out the core even better than many popular abs exercises.

Dumbell Squats explains the right way to do a Dumbbell Squat. Remember that it is important to do exercises correctly so that you avoid injuries.

#3. Barbell

There are many exercises you can do with the barbell row to get to that very much wanted perfect pear-shaped booty. Use heavy weights with which you can do up to 12 reps. The stronger your butt gets, the bigger it will get too!

Best Barbell Exercises for the Perfect Pear Shaped Booty:

  • Barbell Squat:

One of the most popular booty exercises that burns fat and increases muscle size. Barbell Squats target a wide variety of muscles such as glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors, abs, obliques and even calves.Barbell Squats provides you with the explanation of the right way to perform barbell Squats in order to avoid injuries.

  • Barbell Hip Thrust:

Hip thrusts place your body into the most advantageous position in order to achieve full hip extension and get the deepest contraction of the glutes possible. Hip Thrusts also work the quads, hamstrings, and adductors.

Barbell Hip Thrusts also provides you with the explanation of the right way to perform Barbell Hip Thrusts.

  • Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift:

One of the most popular resistance exercises for developing glutes. Performing this exercise 2-3 times a week will allow you to see results quickly! This exercise also prevents and minimizes back pain which is a condition that many people suffer at some point in their lives.

Straight Leg Barbell Deadlift also provides you with the explanation of the right way to perform Barbell Hip Thrusts.

#4. Bulgarian Split Squat

If you want to attain the famous J-Lo or Beyonce booty, then include Bulgarians in your workout! One of the best exercises for a lifted and toned butt. Another benefit of Bulgarians is that it burns fat incredibly and reduces the chances of injuries in the future since it strengthens your body tissues.

Bulgarians shows you the right form of a Bulgarian split squat!

#5. Lunges

I’m sure you have heard about lunges before. Lunges are beneficial in more than just one way. They are one of the most effective lower body exercises that work out your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings.  With lunges you are able to isolate and activate the glutes so that you can fully utilize them.


The Huffington post shows you how to do the perfect lunge!

#6. Cardio

If you want to lose some weight or burn fat then cardio will help you trim down and tone up. The best way to reduce fat is by doing any type of aerobic exercise. In order to trim fat from your hips or thighs then you need to burn fat all over your body. Include exercises such as running, biking, elliptical, dancing, or anything that keeps your heart rate up!