I know many of us don’t have much time to set apart to work out every day. What I do know is that all of us can take just about 15 minutes of our day for a fat-blaster workout! It’s just 15 minutes! You can wake up 15 minutes earlier, put on some workout clothes (because you will end up very sweat) and get done with it! No guilt for not spending an hour at the gym or being unable to go running for 45 minutes with your friend.

From my experience, there is no other workout that will make me sweat as much as this one! It’s great to start your day with a workout that even though it is short, you still know it’s having results! If you pair this workout with good healthy habits, I can assure you that results will start to show really soon!

Fat-Blaster Workout:

Begin with your warm-up of choice! Take about 3 minutes to do it.


Do each exercise 30 seconds and rest 15 seconds. Repeat the circuit until the 10 minutes are over! You can do it!

#1. Burpees

Burpees burn an impressive amount of calories, make you stronger, and are great for conditioning! Give them a try!

burpees#2. Jumping Lunges

In just one move, a dozen muscles work at the same time!

jumping lunges

#3. Pushups

pushup#4. Hold a Hollow Rock

Hollow rocks teach you how to stabilize your mid line section and brace the spine for other full body movements.

Hollow rock

#5. Jump Rope

Burn calories, increase your heart rate and improve cardiovascular health.

Jump Rope#6. Jump Squat

The dynamic movement of jump squats increase your heart rate. Apart from burning tons of calories, you will build up strength and power at the same time.

squat jump

#7. Planking

The benefits of planking are countless! Improve your definition, decrease your risk of injury in the back and spinal column, boost your metabolism and even become more flexible!