top ten exercises to lose weight

So here’s our Top ten exercises to lose weight

For a healthy body, it’s very important to adopt some healthy methods. Our food or our diet is the primary cause of our health and our growth. Our body movement is also very essential for our healthy growth. Getting to your desired weight starts with the right exercises to lose weight. Exercise helps to burn calories, and burn excessive fat. It increases the metabolism of the body, because of which the person also becomes active. As the metabolism of the body increases, it starts burning calories and our body starts gaining the appropriate shape.

Exercise, however, does not only refers to gym machines and gym workouts. There are many other exercises which you can definitely enjoy more. Sports like swimming, bicycling, horse riding and dancing  are considered best recreational as well as weight loss activities. Other activities like walking, aerobics, rowing, bouncing and racquetball can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. Walking can actually help you maximum amount of calories. It definitely requires no extra efforts. Follow a rhythmic pattern and discipline yourself to go for a walk every day, this way you will burn calories in no time. Same follows for other activities.

Step Aerobics:


Aerobics targets your legs, bum, hips and other areas of your body, which need maximum toning. According to many people, aerobics is an easy way to practice and exercise. You can see results in less than two weeks if you plan to do aerobics every day for an hour at least. You can easily divide your one hour into two half an hour sessions. Bench presses is also one of the best exercises to lose weight, and it very well sync with step aerobics. The important thing is to do each step in the right manner, otherwise you will see no results.



Cycling is the best way to burn calories. In childhood days, cycling was nothing more than another way to enjoy. Least did one know that it has so many benefits for the body. While cycling, the continues motion of the legs, burns extra calories and fats, as a result, it leads to very effective muscle toning.  An easy way to burn calories, cycling has dual benefits, it’s fun as well as good for health.



It is the top and the most effective way to lose weight. It does miracles to every part of your body, especially during summers. It can burn off 800 calories in just one hour, and tone whole body. While swimming, whole body comes into movement. As a result of this, the body burns calories very fast.



A game that can help you skip your tough and boring sessions of gym. Continuous side to side running involved in this game helps to tone your legs and thighs. This helps you to lose weight while having fun and socializing. What could be better than this?

Elliptical burner:


It is another great way to do Cardio. It helps to burn strong muscles and tone your stomachs. Working out elliptical burner is a great fun, when you specially have entertainment by your side. You enjoy more, when you have your music along with you, or just you watch some random movie along with it on your TV. This way you can work out for more than an hour to burn your calories quickly.



It’s as interesting to do as it sounds. It helps to tone  your arms in the best way. Use the rowing machine at the gym or join some rowing club, any option is the best option for you to do incredible workout, build your arm muscles, and burn calories.



Walking is the easiest way to lose weight. Brisk walking is a great cardio that helps to tone your hips, stomach and specially legs. Walking on hills or sprinting helps to burn maximum calories. Walking can be easily adopted in daily life and is the simplest way through which we can get  a desired body shape.



Get lost in the realms of music, and swirl yourself around to match the rhythm, as your body gets toned. Dancing is something which every one of us enjoy and do it often to celebrate any happy occasion. Dance top any kind of music to burn your calories quickly. Not only this, dance acts as a great stress reliever too. Just stay active, and move your body in any way you like. Where else do you get such a great advantage? Do this dance form for an hour every day, and you will soon get to see some effective changes.

Horse riding:

Horse riding

Yes! Horse riding is one of the top exercises to lose weight as well. It is as adventurous as its name sounds. Horse riding will give you a feel of a macho, and will also help you to keep your body fit and healthy. The important thing is to learn this skill properly first, and then try your hands on it. Horse riding tones your butts, thighs and abs, and burn your calories. Riding the horse once a week would also tone your body in a perfect shape.

Bouncing on a Trampoline:


For all those who love to be in the air, bouncing on a trampoline can be one of their favorite ways to lose weight. Bouncing will thump your heart faster and lose excess weight. Enjoy it by doing different tricks.  All these tricks should be adopted carefully as they can have harmful effects and cause you severe accidents.

Choose any activity out of these top ten activities to lose fat. Make sure to follow any activity you take in a disciplined manner. This will help you see some significant changes in your health in a very less time.