Valentines Workout Diet Plan

Valentine’s Day is around the corner now and it doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, the best gift you can give yourself and the person you love, is the better and healthier version of you. If you agree with this statement, you’re affirming a healthy body and mind, which means more self-confidence, more awareness of your body, greater sensory perception, and a better sex life!

There’s no way to go wrong on this front, so let’s take a look at a 28 days workout and diet plan you can implement right away with the help of Phen375, to get into the best shape possible in such little time.

Workout & Diet Plan Day 1 to 7

First things, first! Your goal this week is to take a conscious jump on your daily food routine. Starting this week you need to drink more water and less sugary drinks (including diet sodas, which are linked with overeating problems). The first week you’ll also limit your ice creams, candies, chips, chocolate (unless it is dark chocolate) and pastries ingestion to no more than once every 3 days.

Your fitness plan during the first seven days has to include higher intensity cardio training. If you are used to running half an hour, include five sessions of one minute sprints and then go back to your normal speed. Take 1 pill of Phen375 30 minutes prior workout, to increase your stamina and begin boosting your metabolism.



Workout & Diet Plan Day 7 to 14

Drinking more water? Great! During the second week the goal is to stay away from sugary food for at least 6 days, you can indulge in a conscious pastry one day during this week but do your best to stay away from the high calorie food. The real twist this week is to add something healthier to your eating routine; add one fruit or a fat free shake. Take 1 pill of Phen375 on a fasted stomach, and then treat yourself with a healthy breakfast.

You´ll need to add one circuit of strength training to your exercise routine. Cardio is great but let’s firm up those muscles to burn even more fat while you rest. You may also want to try a new workout this week, join a yoga class or pilates, something outside your comfort zone and have fun!

Workout & Diet Plan Day 14 to 21

If you followed the plan along with Phen375, you should be seeing results by now! The results you’ve achieved will motivate you every time you feel tempted. This week avoid junk food completely; if you feel the craving eat a more caloric fruit, a banana should do the trick.

Your cardio session needs to be incremented, the weight you’ve loss and the additional muscles you’ve strengthen the previous weeks should make this a breeze. Add an additional day of high intensity cardio and if possible add ten-one minutes sprints to your half an hour running routine.

Did you enjoy the yoga lesson? How about adding an additional day to work on those nice muscles you are building up? This week try to add two days of muscle strengthening routine; you’ll thank us later, the more muscles you build the more efficient your metabolism will become.

At this point you should be taking two Phen375 pills a day, one 30 minutes prior breakfast and one 30 minutes prior workout. This intake will help to increase your metabolism and burn body fat more quickly. Tip: If this is your first time getting involved in healthy living, don’t focus too much on the numbers but on the sizes.

Workout & Diet Plan Day 21 to 28

The final week! Our March´s newsletter is almost here! Focus on the results you are seeing in your body and visualize your goal in your mind, turn it into real. Fuel up your motivation!

This week absolutely no junk food is permitted. Stick to lean meats, fish, green and red veggies, whole grains and beans and a couple of low calorie fruits for snacks.

This week training is fundamental! By the end of the week you’ll see results you didn’t expect when you began. Add one more day of strength building exercises, two days of high intense cardio and a yoga, boxing or hot exercise to get rid of all those toxins your body has been melting away the last 20 days and to relax your muscles.

It doesn’t matter if it is February or Valentine’s, your health and your self-esteem will greatly improve. Phen375 is considered by thousands the best natural fat burning supplement; by complementing it with a healthy meal routine and active fitness, we can guarantee you’ll join the list of customers we’ve helped to achieve their health goals and life style change.