By following a result oriented weekly workout program, you can become as lean and sturdy as possible. If you are planning to hit the beach, show or a pool party, you can consider the following seven steps

Weekly Workout
There would hardly be any physical instructor who never admired the physical structure of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. These two Escape Planners have inspired zillions of bodybuilders across the sphere.  There are no graphical effects that have exaggerated their onscreen bodies. Rather, it’s a secret, a long structured workout strategy that helped them to wonder us with their onscreen presence.
The movie stars, fashion models and bodybuilders do not look that brawny all the time that you watch them on screens. When it’s show time, they get all set to win the audience. There is no reason that you can’t be on the secret.  By following a result oriented weekly workout program, you can become as lean and sturdy as possible.
If you are planning to hit the beach, show or a pool party, you can consider the following seven steps:

1. The Lean Race

If you cannot see your abs well, you need to follow a shrink-wrap program that will help you to axe few extra pounds from your body. The shrink-wrap program is specifically designed to lose your weight, and if your belly still hangs over your waistline, it may take you a week to get rid of these extra fats. This is the first step to sense your extra pounds of fats.  When you come to know how much fat you need to burn, you reach a step closer to your lean race.
Tip: Interval Training and High Intensity Training (HIT) are two key methods to lose your fat faster. Eating green vegetables is a must while undergoing any shrink-wrap diet program. Green fibers consume no fat, and they do not impact your blood pressure. If you do not feel like eating enough volume of fresh green vegetables, blend them with protein powder.

2. The Diet Equation

In order to discover your abs and look lean, you should be careful about your diet equation. This equation will tell you the volume of food that you need to eat during a lean diet plan. Remember; do not initiate your diet plan with guesswork. Here are some clues that will give you a chance to explore your lean look by this weekend:

  • For every single pound of your body weights try to consume one gram of protein and ten calories
  • Make sure 20% of these calories are from fat, and the rests are from carbohydrates

If you are desperate enough to take your shirt off by this weekend, start following the protocol rigidly.
Tip: Before you start counting the number of carbs, subtract the protein calories that you are eating.

3. Reduce the Potential Antigen

You might have reduced a lot of fats by now, but make sure you do not eat wheat bread, milk and artificial sweeteners for the next week. Start taking condiments like sea salt and balsamic vinegar to avoid potential issues with your diet plan. Remember even minimal exasperation to your digestive system can cause water retention. So it is a wise idea not to invite any risk purposely.
Tip: Eating sweet potatoes provides you good energy that lasts all day. Eating fruits may restore fat to your body, so limit your interests to fruits.

4. Give Time to your Muscles

Never forget to give your body enough time so that it can replenish its glycogen. Therefore, limit your workout at least three days before the event. For example, if you are expected to perform on next Sunday, then your last workout should be on Thursday.  Otherwise, you might look soft and flat on the big day.

Your last workout (Thursday) should stress more on the areas that you are going to highlight on the show. Most of the celebrities focus more on their arms and chests. There is no pint to enhance the level of glycogen to your abs as they do not swell like your biceps or shoulders. Therefore, avoid applying anything extra on your abs that may give them a blur and tedious look. Do not undergo any heavy cardio training before the event. Doing so will amplify your glycogen level, which may fuel your stored carbs. Instead, you can do some light exercises that will lift up your energy without depleting your muscles.
Tip: Fruits like banana can quickly restore your glycogen and limit the muscle-breakdown impact on your weight.

5. Adjoin Some Carbs

Eat two-three grams of carbs per pound of your weight after your last workout day i.e. Thursday. Loading up with carbs two days before the event will give your abs a bright and appealing look. If you failed to eat an adequate amount of carbs due to night workout sessions on Thursday, you can split your total carbs and eat the rest on Friday night. Insulin sensitivity will remain high for 48 hours so your body muscles will be getting a sufficient amount of glycogen. If you still fail to adjoin some carbs two days before the show, then get back to your step 2 diet plans.

6. The Weight of Water

In an attempt to look lean on the show, many people significantly reduce the intake of water. As a result, it leads them to drink more water to avoid dehydration. The best thing to do is drink normal amount of water before the big day. You can drink half of your normal water intake till you are ready to hit the stage.

7. The Salt Show

People usually limit their salt intake assuming that it will cause them water retention. However, the fact is that, if you drastically slash eating salt, your body will fail to prevent water loss. Therefore, you can continue to eat foods that contain salts until 24 hours before the event. Make sure your intake does not cross the limit of salt level, which is already, available in your body. Last but not the least, little sips of alcohol before the show will give your abs a tighter look on the stage.
Let’s have a quick recap how your shrink-wrap diet program will drive you to the Sunday event.

Sunday (A week to go)
Find a proper equation of eating calories, carb and protein. Avoid eating antigen such as gluten, soy etc.

Thursday (Three more days)
Today is your last workout day. Focus on the key parts of your body that you want to highlight on the show. Do not stress too much on your abs. Increase the level of your carb intake.

Friday (Two days to go)
It’s your time to adjust your carbs.

Saturday (Tomorrow knocking at the door)
Eat foods that contain sufficient salt and you can continue slating your foods until 24 hours before the event. Drink normal amount of water.

Sunday (The final day)
Avoid taking salt on the big day. Also, drink half of your normal water until you appear on the stage.