Weight loss after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancyA lady is blessed with the most precious ability to give birth to a new life. However, this process involves lots of emotional as well as biological changes. A lady undergoes lots of biological changes during the time of pregnancy. As a result her body, tends to gain weight.

The good part is that this excessive weight can be reduced by following right methods after the baby is born.  All you need to do, is take action at the right time, that is after a period of a month or two of giving birth. The most vital thing is to choose the right and the healthy way to lose weight. What way will be best for you, depends on your body type. Choosing a difficult or a stressful method to lose weight is most of the times of no use. After pregnancy, the body loses its energy level. Therefore, if you adopt a hard method to lose weight, it would do no good to you.

It should be kept in mind before starting with the weight loss process that you didn’t gain weight in one day, therefore, there is no use of expecting to lose it in a day. Patience is a key to success. If you progress, patient with your weight loss process, then you will surely see positive results. Stress will in return increase your weight. The most vital and easy way to lose weight is by adopting a healthy lifestyle which will make you feel better both mentally and physically.

Start by adopting methods which do not hinder your daily routine much. After a new member is added to your family, it is very important to segregate your time in a way that does not mingle with your  family needs.

It is important to start with proper exercise. Try to build up a routine slowly and gradually, through which you can increase your endurance. Nothing is tough if done slowly and gradually. Starting with a half an hour initially, you can move up to 1 hour of exercise.  All you need to do is set a proper routine and fixed routines.

While adopting methods to exercise, it is  important to start with strength training so that you do not become flabby. This way you will be able to gain back your muscle tone.

Along with exercise, a right diet will  also help you to regain your  strength and lose weight. Include yogurt, oatmeal, and eggs in your meal. These foods contain carbohydrates with protein and fiber. Stay away from sugary foods and fast foods like donuts and cookies. Sweets and sugar increase the insulin in the body, which ultimately leads to sugar low. The less you eat, and the healthier you eat, will help you lose better. By walking and exercising, you will lose weight soon. Moreover, if you split your body meal into 5 smaller meals, then it will help to maintain the metabolism of your body by making you lose weight.

They key is to be consistent and patient.

There are many celebrities who lose weight within a few months of their delivery. It is because they follow very strict diet plans and exercise routines, which are not good in the long run, for a lady who has just given delivery.

Therefore going freaky about weight loss, will do no good to you. Do not lose more than 1800 calories in a day during the days of breastfeeding, as it might have harmful effects on the baby.

You can also follow some basic steps given below to lose baby weight:

  1. Set your goal: determine to lose at least one pound a week. Work slowly and gradually towards it by following a sensible diet to lose weight and by following a sensible diet. The important term here is ‘regular.’ Whatever routine, you choose to follow, important is to be regular with it.  Working out 3 times in a week, for 30 minutes is essential to lose weight.  If this pattern is followed in a rhythmic pattern, then it won’t be difficult for you at all to lose weight.
  2. Keep moving: it is important to stay active after pregnancy, if you stay lethargy, you will develop a tendency to gain more weight. Moreover, it’s easier to stick to one diet, if you stay active. There is no doubt about it that after a baby is born, the mother has to stay active 24*7 to take care of the child. Staying active, however, also involves exercising regularly to increase your metabolism. Do those activities which you enjoy like jogging, swimming, yoga or sport. You can also choose to walk daily or take the stairs rather than lift daily.
  3. Team up: Everything that seems difficult becomes easier if one starts working towards it in a team. If your partner supports you, in the process of loosing weight, then your task becomes much easier. Work together step by step to achieve the goal. Skip your favorite series for some days and take a walk in the night. Fill your fridge with healthy food like fruits and vegetables. Empty all fast food that is highly unhealthy and has a huge amount of carbohydrates in it.
  4. Think Positive: It is important to keep a positive and an optimistic approach towards life. Eat diet food and slip out of snacks a bit. The fact that you have baby fat on you does  not turn you ugly. Feel good about yourself. Wear different types of clothes which would suit your style. A new haircut or makeup can work perfectly for you to give you that old young look.

If you will work towards your goal calmly and patiently, you will undoubtedly achieve it. It’s not difficult to regain your body shape after pregnancy. All you need is perseverance and persistence. You will surely be able to lose significant amount of weight, if you will balance your daily routine and take out a little time for yourself.